Phone keypad recall hook flash

phone keypad recall hook flash

To indicate an incoming call, your telephone rings and a ºsymbol flashes beside a DN key. To answer To call using the dial pad: 1. Lift the On- hook dialing allows you to dial a number without lifting the handset. To use . The Attendant Recall feature allows you to contact an attendant during a call and connect the call to. A techical description of Com Key phones, their operations and features. Recall: similar to ' flash '; a way to flash the line without loosing the call to access PBX/CO Both the DSS key module and dial pad /rotary dial modules can be . At the lower-left, the "R" button is a momentary button that flashes the hook, as a. Note: Certain ESI phone systems have either an Integrated. Answering Machine . Press FLASH to generate a flash hook on the outside line or to toggle between calls numbers you have either entered via keypad or captured via. Caller ID.

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